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Rank above your competition with Botimize.

Implement simple but powerful content suggestions from Botimize and watch your organic traffic skyrocket.


What is Botimize and why does it exist?

Botimize is a powerful software tool that helps you rank higher on Google by telling you exactly which keywords and topics to include in your content.

"So... how does it work?" 🧐

It all starts with you entering a keyword into the tool...

Botimize will then analyze the top results on Google using NLP and AI to determine the salient keywords and topics you should include in your content.

From there, you can add the content from your page into the editor and Botimize will score your content in real time.

Botimize will tell you which keywords you are missing and which topics you should add to your content in order to rank higher.

"Cool, but how is Botimize different?" 🤔

Every SEO optimization tool finds the most important keywords and topics from the top results on Google and gives you that information to include in your content. That's table stakes.

Botimize helps you takes this process a step further...

We help you find what the top ranking articles on Google are MISSING so that you can create a truly unique perspective and Google doesn't just view your content as a copycat.


Other SEO tools:

While other tools may help you create a comparable piece of content to your competitors, Botimize takes it a step further so you can create better content.

With the rise of AI tools, it's becoming increasingly important to make your content unique and Botimize can help with that while also including what Google already deems valuable.

Botimize finds you semantically related keywords & topics that even the top ranking content misses.

"Sounds amazing, how can I try it?" 🤩

You can start with a 7 day trial below. You get 3 optimization credits in your trial and it doesn't auto-subscribe you to a plan.

We're excited to build Botimize to be the #1 SEO optimization tool on the market and hope you are ready to join the ride...

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Botimize Features

Turn your website into an SEO powerhouse with optimization from Botimize

Content Editor

Edit your content directly within the app and get recommendations from Botimize.

Content Score

We score your content 1-100. Hit 70+ while you're writing and you're good to go!

Wordcount Goals

Should you add more words? Should you cut words out? Botimize will let you know.

Keyword Targets

See which keywords or phrases you should include in your content to rank higher.