You don’t always have to spend a lot of money to find the bug zapper for your purposes. There is a whole range of bug zapper and prices that can deliver the features you need. If you are looking for the top bug zapper, a lot of factors are going to be important considerations.

You might think that all bug zapper are the same but much like other products, there’s a lot of variety and the options can be a little overwhelming (especially if you’re new to the market).

Whether you want to just get started with a bug zapper, we have  affordable models or if you want to feel like you don’t miss out on any of the capabilities we have more expensive models. Read through this summary of the top products and find the one for you to try.

There are more than 12 new bug zapper being introduced in the market every quarter, and many of them have some or the other unique and advanced features you’ve never heard before.

That being said, if you choose any random bug zapper, there are possibilities of facing some of the serious issues which can come from choosing the wrong product.

List of Top best bug zapper in 2019

Here is a short list of the top bug zapper products from each of the price ranges. Don’t think that cheap means poorly made, often the difference in the products by price are in what features they include not the quality of their manufacture.

That’s why we’ve decided to do an in-depth research around these bug zapper. Now, at the end of those hours-long using sessions and analysis, we are all set to recommend the choices you’ll have in the bug zapper category. Obviously, we have our picks from premium, semi-premium and budget-friendly sectors. Therefore, when it’s time, you can have the bug zapper .

Premium Segment

The premium segment includes products that are priced above a certain range. The quality of these and feature capabilities can make these bug zapper deal for professional use.

Medium Segment

The medium segment of the bug zapper market has a mid price range which fits those looking for bang of their buck.. This is a very wide price range to find products with such similar features but what differentiates them from each other is the approach they take to their features. These are higher end consumer products, but not the pro-summer quality of the premium segment.

Why do you need a bug zapper

A bug zapper is one of the most popular item that is going to be viral in coming years, due to its wide range of applicability in the industry. People may or may not be aware of the reason why people should buy a bug zapper or why they need to have one.

How to choose the best bug zapper for you?

To choose and buy the right kind of bug zapper , you will have to be very careful in doing so. Because the bug zapper come in a wide range of types, having different characteristics and capabilities and if you don’t concentrate on each and every aspect, then you surely would miss out the one for you.

Here is a checklist you can use to double check your choice while selecting and purchasing it.

Determine the type and function you need

You should be very clear about the type of bug zapper you need. Keep in mind the various types and determine the on the basis of the feature you need and the purpose you need to accomplish. Like for a medium range product with a medium quality or a high end stuff.

Brand and price

If you have a particular budget or a specific brand in mind then do sort out the brand first and then look for further features.

Quality of the material

The first thing you should look at, is the quality of material and the sturdiness of the structure. It is important because the bug zapper should be made of high quality and durable material to help it withstand normal day to day wear and tear.

Warranty and complimentary tools

If you can get a warranty from the manufacturer then it would be a plus, so look at this feature also. In addition to it you may also find some tool that some of the manufacturers offer, along your product.

Where to buy the bug zapper

Buying a bug zapper could be hectic, if you don’t know where you can find the brands and a wide range bug zapper types to let you select the one you need. For this, you’ll have to search for the most trustworthy and reliable seller that will offer you all the rated brands along with the price available on the market. You can either look to buy it from a local market or through online retailer and stores like Amazon.

Most of the people have a tendency to prefer online stores like The amazon. The reason behind it is the availability of the wide range of quality products, trustworthy sellers and an opportunity to compare the products and pick the one for you.

So, You can easily buy your bug zapper on amazon at affordable rates and an assurance of a quality product.

The final word

This is just an overview of some of the bug zapper in each of the price ranges. The point is that no matter what your budget, there is a functional bug zapper for you. Make sure you filter them for the ones that interest you so you know all the features and considerations of each. That can be the way to identify what features you really need in a more expensive version.

Below is the table which shows the top 6 best best bug zapper 2018. Each and every best bug zapper is chosen by our specialist reviewers.


# 1 - Flowtron Bk-40d Electronic Insect Killer, 1 Acre Coverage

  • Advanced Electronic Insect Control
  • Non Clogging Killing Grid. Assembled unit size- 9-3/4 Inch L. x 9-3/4 Inch W x 16-1/2 H
  • 1 Acre Killing Radius, 40-Watt Bulb , The cord is 9" in length
  • Instantaneous Operation,Continuous and Uninterrupted Service
  • This product is for outdoor use only.


# 2 - Liba Bug Zapper & Electric Indoor Insect Killer Mosquito, Bug, Fly & Other Pests Killer – Powerful 2800v Grid 20w Bulbs – 2-pack Replacement Bulbs Included

Natural and Effective Pest Control Has Never Been Easier You’re tired of fighting off flying insects and swatting flies. Chemical pest control is not only expensive, but extremely dangerous for your health, too. Stop using costly chemical products and inhaling toxic fumes and volatile particles that lodge themselves in your airways and silently damage them. It’s time you took the best, natural approach to pest control. Hoont's Electric Indoor Bug Zapper Is Your Best Choice For Chemical-Free Insect Elimination Invest wisely by purchasing a powerful pest control tool that is made to last you for many years to come. It…

  • Instant insect attraction & elimination: this bug zapper emits a 365 nm wavelength, which has been scientifically proven to be highly attractive to insects, as it falls within their natural viewing wavelength. As flies, mosquitoes and any other flying insect can't resist approaching the light source, they get immediately zapped.
  • POWERFUL 2800V GRID: This is by far the STRONGEST insect zapper on the market. Dare to compare with our competitors' weaker and ineffective zappers. LiBa's insect killer is to wipe out all harmful flying pests and keep you from spending another penny on insect repellents or other insect pest control products
  • NATURAL, CHEMICAL-FREE PEST CONTROL: Stop exposing your family and yourself to harmful chemicals. This electric zapper is the perfect chemical-free pest control alternative, safe to use in every indoor setting with a heavy flying pest infestation problem.
  • Ideal for all indoor environments: exceptionally safe and secure to use in every home area as well as hospitals, workplace areas, Commercial spaces such as restaurant kitchens, warehouses and retail stores. Not for outdoor use.
  • 100% SATISFACTION & MONEY-BACK : We vouch for our electric zapper's efficiency and durability. Each of our insect zappers is backed by an outstanding 36-Month Policy. In the unlikely event you are dissatisfied with your purchase, you are free to return it to us within the first 90 days and receive a FULL refund. Click Buy Now And Get The Best Insect Electric Zapper On !


# 3 - Micnaron Electric Bug Zapper/pest Repeller Control-strongest Indoor 2800 V 6000ft² Uv Lamp Flying Fly Insect Killer Mosquitoes Flies Killer Repellent Traps Eliminator Catcher Lure Zap Kills Mosquito …

STOP IMPOSING YOUR FAMILIES IN TOXIC PEST CONTROL SPRAYERS! LiBa BUG ZAPPER HELPS YOU GET RID OF ANNOYING FLYING PEST IN MORE NATURAL WAY! Health Helper and Money Saver with long lifespan! How Does it Work? This indoor pest control device is designed to lure flies, mosquitoes and other annoying insect pests to the grid where they will be immediately zapped. With two ultraviolet bulbs which are especially designed to attract flying insects. A protective guard prevents people and pets from accidentally touching the grid. It Features with: · Most Powerful 2800V/20W UV Insect -Control light · 6000 ft² Effective…

  • EFFICIENT INSECT ALLUREMENT&ERADICATION: Powerful new generation Insect killer lures bugs, flies, mosquitoes and other flying insects into the trap and slaughter the annoying winged insects immediately. No Worries and Enjoying your life! BUY MORE SAVE MORE.
  • EFFECTIVE & LARGE AREA COVERAGE: with 365 nm wavelength and 2800v ultraviolet bulbs, the bug zappers are designed to be STRONGEST fatal temptation to flying creatures with coverage of 6,000 sq. Feet.
  • CHEMICAL & FREE, HEALTH CHOICE: No harmful chemical and odor spray anymore. Micnaron pest control machine saves your lung and respiratory tract from toxic insecticide and pesticide SAFE AND SOUND.
  • EASY SETUP & MAINTENANCE FREE: You could simply place it on the table or just hanging it on the wall and keep them out of pets or children reaching; All the dead insects are collected in a removable tray which is very easy to clean.
  • SPECIFICATIONS-For INDOOR Environment or DRY Outdoor Occasions. Perfect for home, bedroom, hotel, restaurant, kitchens, hotel, basement, enclosed garage, café ect.


# 4 - Elucto Electric Bug Zapper Fly Swatter Zap Mosquito Best For Indoor And Outdoor Pest Control(aa Batteries Included)

Bugs will never be a menace again! Forget about bug bites. It is time to enjoy a great day outdoors, regardless of what you choose to do. With a simple move with THE ELUCTO Bug Zapper any bug attacking you and your family will be zapped on the spot. Immediate effect! The ELUCTO bug zapper racket will produce electric shock waves that will destroy bugs in a second, without you even feeling. Made to be used smooth and efficient! Its incredibly comfortable and practical design will help you neutralize insect in just one move. Just swing the device in the…

  • The ELUCTO Electric Fly Swatter, highly reliable and professional will zap Bugs or Flies in ONE SWAT. No need to swing multiple times to zap bugs, like the 3 layer rackets
  • Forget about toxic bug sprays, which are entirely unsuitable during a barbecue or when eating outside, the Mosquito Zapper does not have any safety risk to you or the environment
  • Simply to use, this Bug Zapper racket works after manual activation
  • Eliminate PESKY BUGS once and for all. Don′t Delay, GET YOURS TODAY
  • 1 Year Full Warranty; 2 AA Batteries Required (included); works well and long with Polaroid AA Batteries


# 5 - Flowtron Fc-8800 Diplomat Fly Control Device, 120-watt, Indoor/outdoor

Industrial size electronic flying insect killer, also recommended for outdoor residential areas. Glow-tube, glo-panel reflector for maximum catch and increased attractiveness to insects. Equipped with UltraViolet (UV) Lights as an an attractant, the most successful for attracting a wide range of flying insects. AC Powered Killing Grid generates 5,600 volts, 2.4 amps with a 67" power cord. Unit measures 12" x 12" x 27" constructed of high-impact outdoor grade plastic, featuring chrome plated grid. 360 degree protection.

  • Control night flying insect up to 2 acres. No glue boards required
  • 120 watts UV lure power covers 2,000 sqft indoors. Three high-intensity 40-watt ultraviolet bulbs
  • Mounts vertical or horizontally. Unit dimensions: 26.25 inches high , 13 inches diameter
  • For outdoor & commercial indoor application at dumpsters & trash recepticals; ideal for barns
  • Removable collection tray