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180+ languages & countries

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Pay once, get access for life.

Features included in every plan:

Over 180+ languages
Use Botimize in every language Google is in

Content Editor
Optimize your content in a live editor

Content Scoring
Live scoring of your content while you write

Keyword Targets
See which keywords are missing in your content

Wordcount Goals
See how many words you need to rank higher

Your questions, answered

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a credit?

It costs one credit to optimize your content for a certain keyword.

1 Keyword Analyzed = 1 credit

You may want to analyze more than one keyword for a piece of content. For example, if you analyze 3 keywords for one piece of content, you will spend 3 credits on that one content editor.

What is Botimize? How does it work?

Botimize is the only SEO tool that analyzes your competitors AND gives you ideas about topics your competitors aren't addressing.

Botimize analyzes the live search results for a given keyword. It looks at each page in the search results to determine which topics are covered and which important keywords are mentioned.

Botimize uses that data to make assumptions on which topics are essential in order to rank well for a given keyword. Along with that, uses AI to find the topics your competitors missed so you can write a stronger piece of content.

In the end, Botimize gives you an easy-to follow game plan you can follow to rank above your competitors and get more organic traffic.