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Botimize Roadmap

We're dedicated to improving our platform to be the #1 tool to optimize content for search engines.

Last updated: February 2, 2023

Coming soon ⏱️

Better Heading Recommendations
Expand NLP heading suggestions to include more semantically related phrases

Improve Ideas Tab
Include ideas using AI to give you great heading ideas, question ideas, & more.

Better Content Scoring
Tweak our content scoring algorithm to give scores that more accurately align with what Google wants.

UX Improvements
Highlight helpful things like wordcount & readability scores within the editor page.

Competitor Selection
Select which competitors you want your content recommendations from.

Wordplay Integration
Create a full length article using AI within Botimize when you add your Wordplay API key.


February 2, 2023

People also asked questions
Our ideas tab now includes "People Also Asked" questions from Google so you can include in your content.

February 1, 2023

Better Keyword Targets
Expand NLP keyword suggestions to include more semantically related phrases

January 18, 2023

Multi-Language Support
Optimize content in 180+ languages and countries

Team Access
You can add your team into your account now!


December 27, 2022

Content Editor
Optimize your content in a live editor

Content Scoring (beta)
Live scoring of your content while you write

Keyword Targets
See which keywords are missing in your content

Wordcount Goals
See how many words you need to rank higher